2017 New Product Showcase

Find the latest and greatest safety, health and environmental products

The New Product Showcase offers exhibitors the opportunity to show their latest innovations to attendees with purchasing power. The 2017 New Product Showcase will be located outside the Expo floor. Take a look at the newest safety solutions appearing at the 2017 TSCE! 

Booth #444
The AcroMat

Premium Ergonomic anti-fatigue mat.  100% nitrile rubber construction for superior, long lasting comfort.  Lightweight and easy to clean.  Impervious to moisture, so can be used in wet or dry environments.  Anti-microbial design.

Cestusline, Inc
Booth #220
Deep III Pro
Cut and Puncture Resistant, Heavy Abrasion Palm with Continuous Ventilated Impact Protection

Hand Max Pro
High Dexterity Cut Resistant Palm with Ventilated Impact Protection

 See these products at the 
2017 NSC TSCE!

McCue Corporation
Booth #431
Column Guard

Nothing slows down productivity like hitting a one-ton steel column. And nothing provides a protective zone around columns like our easy-to-install, high-strength Column Guard. The modular, shock-absorbing assembly installs securely and cushions columns, equipment and drivers from impacts. Protect the structural integrity of your facility and the financial integrity of your business


Flex Core Bollard
FlexCore Bollard is stronger than steel plate bollards and easier on your equipment and people. No more holes to dig, concrete to pour or pipes to paint, the FlexCore Bollard installs in a fraction of the time and at much lower cost, without sacrificing strength.

Pedestrian Barrier
Our fully customizable barrier system keeps your people safe and your business protected. With this modular design, impacts are absorbed by the rails and uprights. McCue's Pedestrian Barrier guard rail can also combine McCue's Crash Barrier areas that need an extra level of protection.
Nite Beam Products
Booth #337
L.E.D. Work Gloves 

6 Super Bright White L.E.D's per glove (provides hands free lighting & visibility during the darker hours).  Comfortable and durable with reinforced padded areas. Rechargeable battery pack weighs less than 1 oz.
High-Visibility L.E.D. Shoulder Alert Light & Flashlight
Nite Beams High-Visibility L.E.D. Shoulder Alert Light & Flashlight was created to save lives and prevent injuries during darkened hours.
Hi-Vision L.E.D. Safety Vest
Nite Beams Hi-Vision L.E.D. Safety Vest emits 24 Super Bright L.E.D.'s powered by USB rechargeable battery pack (weighs 1 oz.)
One Beat CPR & AED
Booth #420

The Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL) kit removes or neutralizes chemical warfare agents and many pesticide – related chemicals – within 2 minutes.  Now available for civilian emergency workers, it protects those who save others.
Visual Workplace, Inc. 
Booth #605
Safety Dashboard Overlay 

Safety Dashboard Overlays are printed with your graphics on a thin, durable acrylic film with a magnetic or non-magnetic frame that attaches to your dry erase board. No more hand-made graphics! These overlays can be used on your existing dry erase boards saving you time and money.